Carla Duty Updates 6/11

Okay, so technically it will be 6/12 by the time this goes out...

I have put in a decent amount of preparatory work into Carla Duty over the last month, and will try to update more regularly (maybe even weekly?) as development accelerates.


Right now I have a functional core of a game, with user-triggered and timed events, and rules to handle the collection and dissemination of resources. And not much else...


The game is built on factors of 10, with a base resource of 1 copy per click — 10 copies are stapled together into a packet, 10 packets make a report, and so on for another 15 levels... Techinically, this means that the final resource requires 10 quintillion copies to purchase, an altogether silly number that also happens to exceed the maximum integer in Javascript. However, I have also added a system of buyable resources that automatically generate other resources every second, so you can buy a copier that produces a single copy per second instead of requiring a click, and these buyables increase in magnitude with the resources, so getting to the 10 quintillion copy mark is not quite as harrowing or impossible as it may seem.


My goals for the next week are:

1) Finish the ranking and promotion system, and begin building an efficiency metric to measure when the user is promoted or earns a raise

2) Build out a company object and corresponding boss characters that will later harass and belittle you

3) Integrate a pay system, “personal life”, and mental health properties to punish your character when work/life balance is out of whack, add stress based on how little pay you make, and all the other wonders of modern work

4) Add interesting random events, as the game is pretty dry right now and is more of an exercise in clicking than anything remotely resembling fun


I plan on starting work on design and graphics soon, but for right now this game is all text.


Like it’s 1982.


In fact this is a screenshot of the game as it looks right now:

Pretty exciting, huh? Stay tuned for more!