Carla Duty Updates 8/28

Despite my threats to be more regular with updates for Carla Duty, it has been more than two months since my last update.


If you have ever read any of my Mojiferous Industries blog posts this should not be surprising at all. Please refer to these blog entries for my boilerplate about being busy.


Otherwise development on Carla Duty has been progressing steadily:

I have begun assembling a team — three designers, a PM, a couple advisors, and hopefully my frequent collaborator King Thor. So far everyone on the team except King Thor is female, partially to ensure that Carla Duty is positive and feminist and not an exercise in misogyny and stupidity (something that seems to be haunting the game industry and tech in general of late) but also because they are my friends and coworkers. In a perfect world I wouldn't have to mention the fact that our team was majority female and it wouldn't be so damned uncommon. Of course in a perfect world more women would be in software and games and they wouldn't have to deal with harassment and double standards in their work life or from the "gaming community". With this in mind, I realize that this project may bring… attention to Mojiferous Industries and to myself which may not be completely positive, so until the team has an in-depth discussion about it I won't be doing introductions.


On a more positive note, the gameplay is being changed in hopes of making it more interesting and playable and less of an exercise in mindless clicking, and I have built a basic alpha version to test this out. I'll be showing off screenshots soon!