Motor Pants

Pant racing you say?

Motor Pants is full of pant racing excitement! Combine coin values to propel your pants beyond all of your competitors, racing against 25 computer-controlled Trousers! Kind of a ultra-simple bastard child of so many gem or coin matching games… The game board is a variable size grid of coins, each coin has a value between 1 and 9 to start; you can combine any two coins that border each other, no matter the value- you receive the number of points of the larger of the two values, if the values are equal, you receive the sum of both (so, for example, you combine a 3 and a 5, you get 5 points… but two 3's combined nets you 6 points.) The coin you "moved" disappears and a coin with the value of the sum of the two combined coins takes the place of the second coin (so in the example above, the resultant coins would be 8 and 6.) Coins above the moved coin move down the grid. The best strategy for the game is obviously to try to combine coins of equal value in the largest denominations possible. Scores can go into the thousands from just a 7x10 grid…


2015 Update: Motor Pants still functions fine, but needs an update really bad. I'm not 100% sure why I made half the windows translucent, but it is realllly annoying. Also, combining coins by dragging is not very user friendly. UX was not my forté in 2007.

Manless pant racing!
Universal Binary!!!
Trousers! Trousers! Trousers!
A semi-useful help system